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by Stralph
12.05.2018 09:38
Forum: Helicon Remote
Topic: Trinamic TMCM 1141
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Trinamic TMCM 1141

After successfully running a Trimatic PD2-110-232, I bought a second stepper from Trinamic. It is a PD42-3-1141 using a TMCM 1141 controller. I thought that I read that it should work when connecting to USB. Unfortunately, Helicon Remote does not recognize the controller. Is there anything to do to ...
by Stralph
31.08.2014 11:31
Forum: Helicon Remote
Topic: Trinamic PD42-1141 family
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Trinamic PD42-1141 family

Dear all,
Trinamic writes that the stepper PD3-110-232 should not be used for new applications anymore, it is replaced by PANdrive PD42-1141 family. Is there a plan to support the new family? The new family has an USB interface, which makes the connection easier.

Thank you and best regards,