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by mjhach
23.05.2014 03:08
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Topic: Source Image Error - Dimensions not Equal
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Source Image Error - Dimensions not Equal

When I load the list of 5 .nef images taken consecutively, and press RUN, I get the message to the effect "Source Image Error" "The dimension of the first and current images are not equal. etc, etc, etc." I have to Continue, in which case the image is deleted, or Abort. THe program then says that I ...
by mjhach
20.04.2014 03:31
Forum: Gallery
Topic: Aphid
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Re: Aphid

How'd you get the bug to stay still during your capture?
by mjhach
20.04.2014 03:24
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Topic: Flower Stack
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Re: Flower Stack

Obviously you need to have a VERY calm day to take outdoors shots. Yes?? I just purchased the Helicon Remote for use with my D7000 and Galaxy SIII so I'm anxious to try it out. I will be using the Zerene stacker program initially if it gives me what I want. Would you happen to know what advantages t...
by mjhach
03.04.2014 03:44
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Topic: Helicon Remote via Android and Nikon D800
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Re: Helicon Remote via Android and Nikon D800

I have a followup similar question. My system is a D7000 with Galaxy SIII and it doesn't recognize my camera. I'm not using an OTG specifically, but a short cable that plugs into the phone (also used as the charging cable) and a regular USB 2.0 the plugs into a double female adapter to take the USB2...