What can I do here?
You can  save the output image to disk, email or print it.
You can create web animation for presentation purposes.

What do I do next??
Switch back to Files tab so select other images to process.
Or switch to Parameters tab to fine tune processing options.

  Save to disk action

The File name edit box contains the name of the file to be saved on the disk. By default the result name is formed by source image name and suffix (HF) to not accidentally overwrite the original image.

The File type select box lets you choose among JPEG, TIFF and other file types.

The Quality  select defines the quality level for JPEG and JPEG2000 file types ("lossy" formats).  Please note, that TIFF, BMP provide lossless storage of the information. If you plan further processing of the image, it is recommended to store it in lossless format (TIFF) or at least in 100% JPEG. If you plan to print the image, 10 (80%) quality is usually sufficient.

The Calculate size  button shows the size of the file for the selected file type and quality level. If the file is too large, try to lower JPEG quality. If this does not help, switch to Resize filter and downsize the image to lower resolution. If you plan to email this image, it is recommended to keep the file size at 50-200KB and downsize it to 800-1280 pixels on greater side.

Send by email action

Choose this action to send the result image by email. The program will try to use your default mail client to send this email.

The Change image size select box lets you change the resolution of the image to reduce its size. To check new file size use "Calculate file size" button.

To show or  hide Help panel of Helicon Focus use button from the toolbar or View->Help panel command in the main menu.