Open program home page and follow the link to the download page

System requirements

The recommended system configuration is:

Minimum system requirements are:


Start installation program and follow instructions.

The installation process places files in a chosen catalog and saves the information concerning the settings in the system registry. Some additional libraries (i.e. Nikon, etc.) are placed in the "C:\Program Files\" folder.

You can delete the program from the Control Panel or by restarting the installation.

Command line mode

Helicon Focus can be called from other programs with parameters in command line

Here is the list and formats of command line parameters:

Command line parameter Description
-silent Start Helicon Focus without interface only with progress bar
-save:full_name.ext Save result to the full_name.ext. If omitted, result is saved in Focused subfolder
-j:jpeg_quality Save JPEG quality (0-12)
-dmap Save depth map image
-noresult Do not save resulting image
-3d Save 3D model in Helicon 3D Viewer file format
-mp:x Set Method (0=method A, 1=method B)
-rp:xxx Set Radius
-sp:xxx Set Smoothing
-va:xxx Define Vertical shift adjustment
-ha:xxx Define Horizontal shift adjustment
-ra:xxx Define Rotation adjustment
-ma:xxx Define Magnification adjustment
-ba:xxx Define Brightness adjustment
-im:x Define Interpolation method (1=Bilinear,...)
-dmf:xx Define Depth map feathering


Examples Description
HeliconFocus.exe -silent "c:\my images\set20" Process all images in "c:\my images\set20" folder with default parameters
"C:\Program Files\Helicon Focus\HeliconFocus.exe" -silent  . Process all images in the current folder and save result to "Focused" subfolder
HeliconFocus.exe -silent "c:\my images\set20" -rp:6 -sp:7 -mp:1 Process images with Radius set to 6 and Smoothing set to 7
HeliconFocus.exe -silent "c:\my images\set20" -save:c:\result.tiff Process images in "c:\my images\set20" folder and save as tiff file to c:\


During a 30 day evaluation period all features of Helicon Focus are activated in all versions (Lite, Pro, Premium).